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Mosaic Chandeliers

Mosaic Chandelier is a lighting tool that is formed as a result of manual labor and personal skills and used in authentic lighting. The main materials to be used in the mosaic chandelier; transparent glass, stained glass glass, silicone and also gypsum. For Mosaic Glass, stained glass glasses in the form of plates are first cut into small pieces. Then, after lining up and drying according to the desired pattern, plaster is drawn on the empty glass. After the plaster is dry, it is wiped and ready for use.

Copper Filigree Chandeliers

Copper filigree is the art of shaping copper wire by hand and turning it into the necessary product. Copper filigree; mosaic glass is used in authentic lighting as a whole along with various glasses such as blown glass, cracked glass, plexi. Copper filigree chandeliers with Mosaic Glass can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, houses, summer houses and villas. In some of our Mosaic Chandelier models, the apparatus of the product is made entirely of copper filigree.

Metal Plastering Chandeliers

The process of covering a metal disc with a manhole on the mold is called metal plastering. Metal plastering is a process that is used in the manufacture of many products that we use in our daily lives and is entering our daily lives more and more day by day. Manpower and machines are used in this process. Metal plastering chandeliers are also produced by this method. In some of our Mosaic Chandelier models, the apparatus of the product is made of all-metal plastering.

The mosaic chandeliers produced by Karlık Turistik are designed in different sizes with the desired color glasses according to the space.