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Ottoman Floor Lamp

Ottoman floor lamp models are quite suitable for those who like to see Ottoman motifs in their living spaces. Most of the people like to encounter motifs and figures related to their past. Ottoman motifs are one of them. In addition to illuminating your environment with Ottoman floor lamp models that visually enrich the spaces, you can decorate your space like an accessory. The Ottoman motif, decorative copper filigree and metal plastering apparatus we use; The blowing, along with cracked and plexi glass, gives your space an authentic feel. The most important feature that gives real value to authentic designs is the processing of Ottoman, Anatolian and Seljuk culture and art values and the reflection of all motifs on Old Turkish traditions. Everything that has manual labor and art is, of course, valuable. This value can be used by storing it from generation to generation. Karlık Turistik makes all of the Ottoman floor lamp models by experienced craftsmen with hand workmanship. Ottoman floor lamps; It is designed with a different number of lamps in the form of fishing rods or candlesticks.