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Coffee Set (Copper Filigree)

The coffee set with Ottoman motif is among the models frequently preferred by users. These models appeal to a classic taste and add a unique elegance to coffee presentations. In the Ottoman motif suits, tulip figures and tugra patterns are in the foreground. These suits, which have both modern and authentic details, are designed in different sizes. In general, coffee cups with Ottoman pattern, designed in teams of 6 people, appeal to almost every taste. The coffee set models we sell as Karlık Turistik are produced with copper filigree workmanship. The suits that allow you to enjoy the coffee and tea drunk in every sip also provide great pleasure with their aesthetic details. These suits, which are generally the first choice of users with classic and authentic tastes, are among the products purchased by users with modern tastes due to different design interpretations. Authentic cup set models used in tea and coffee are produced with designs that appeal to different tastes. Coffee sets with authentic presentation trays prepared with special filigree motifs, teaspoons and extremely elegantly designed sugar bowl - Turkish delight holder can also be one of the most elegant gifts you can give to your loved ones. You can evaluate these options according to your preferences and add a stylish copper coffee set to your kitchen. You can contact us to get detailed information and order.