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Mosaic Cylinder Lamp

Mosaic lamps are frequently preferred as table lamp models with their colorful glasses. They have become the only pieces that will complement the decoration of especially avant-garde furniture lovers. As Karlık Turistik we will like the mosaic cylinder lamps we produce by combining cylindrical mosaic glass with copper filigree and metal plaster handle, with the Middle Eastern style they add to the environment where they are used. For those who like to use Ottoman figures such as tulips in their decoration, it will add a harmony to the spaces that will be unparalleled. The walls will be illuminated with colorful beams of light coming out of the mosaic glass embroidered on the transparent cylindrical glass, and the ambiance of your home will change. The mosaic cylinder table lamp models we have prepared as Karlık Turistik are presented to your liking on our site. You can contact us to have mosaic cylinder lamp (mosaic table lamp) models with unique alternatives.