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Mosaic Ewer Lamp

Mosaic ewer lamps decorating different areas such as tables, bedside tables are designed for alaturka and authentic style lovers. The mosaic ewer lamps, which combine the mosaic art used by many civilizations such as the Ottoman and Anatolian Seljuks and the ewer image, bear the traces of the old periods in every aspect. The rays of colored light leaking through the mosaic glasses will also please those who love dim light. They can be used as dim light sources that do not tire the eyes in the bedroom, relaxation area, study rooms or reading corners. Mosaic ewer lamps are produced from copper filigree and metal plaster handles, where the colorful image embroidered with mosaic glasses is integrated with the nobility of brown. As Karlık Turistik, you will love the mosaic ewer lamp models that are completely handmade and that you will want to use in every corner of your home. You can contact us to have mosaic ewer lamp (mosaic table lamp) models with unique alternatives.