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Mosaic Plafonier

Mosaic Plafonier is a lighting product that is mounted on the ceiling or wall and uses mosaic glass art. Mosaic Plafoniers can be preferred in both indoor and outdoor lighting. Mosaic plaphoni, which is often preferred by especially dim light lovers, adds a different atmosphere to the environment with its authentic appearance. Mozaik Plafonier can be used in all rooms of the houses. Mosaic plaphonier lighting can be a good choice to make the space look bigger in spaces with low ceilings. Outside the home, it is frequently encountered in the sinks of the enterprises with sensors. You can use mosaic plaphonies to create a warm and romantic environment and decorate your room, workplace or relaxation area. You can create a great image for authentic environments. As Karlık Turistik we prepare mosaic plafonier models using copper filigree and metal plastering apparatus; It is produced in various diameters such as 25, 30, 40 and 50 cm. If you are looking for the most suitable wall platforms for your space, you can contact us for order.