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Ottoman Double Sconces (Wall Lamp)

If you like to see Ottoman figures in living spaces, we can say that Ottoman double sconces are exactly for you. Most of the people like to meet figures related to their past. Ottoman motifs are one of them. In addition to illuminating your environment with Ottoman double sconces that visually enrich indoor and outdoor spaces, you can decorate your walls like accessories. The Ottoman motif, decorative copper filigree and metal plastering apparatus we use; The blowing, along with cracked and plexi glass, gives your space an authentic feel. Ottoman double sconces will create extremely beautiful effects in gardens, walls of houses, cafes and restaurants. The double sconce model can be installed directly on the walls. Especially if there are high-sized walls in the garden of your houses, our authentic double sconce models will be very suitable. Ottoman double sconces are produced in two forms as up and down. Ottoman Double Wall Lamps, which we have produced completely handmade as Karlık Turistik are offered for sale with eye-catching models that you will want to use in every corner of your home or business. You can contact us to get detailed information and order.