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Mosaic Table Lamp

Mosaic table lamp; study, living room, dining room, bedroom... are lighting products that you can use for various areas of your home. Mosaic table lamp is especially preferred by people who like a colorful and authentic look and have designed their space accordingly. You can find what you are looking for in our mosaic table lamp models where mosaic art and table lamp design come together. The most important feature that gives the main value to the mosaic designs is the processing of old Turkish culture/art values and the reflection of all the motifs to the Old Turkish traditions. Everything that has manual labor and art is, of course, valuable. This value can be used by storing it from generation to generation. Karlık Turistik, mosaic table lamp makes all of its classic models by experienced craftsmen with hand workmanship. The mosaic lamps we produce with copper filigree and metal plastering apparatus create colorful light beams on the walls thanks to the mosaic glasses in different patterns and add a different taste to the spaces. You can contact us to have mosaic lamp models with unique alternatives.